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Air Power Series with Optics

Demo Case
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Demo Case
Always a Perfect Fit
The click & go equipped Air Power fits the following couplers:

The Handpiece Experts Air Power line of German-designed and manufactured handpieces provides high torque coupled with superior cutting speed consistency. Outfi tted with a premium turbine for enhanced operating effi ciency, each handpiece offers constant, smooth and effortless cutting for a variety of procedures. The high-powered, built-in optics maintains brilliant illumination of the procedure area.

Superior Design
Our titanium-plated handpieces are ergonomically designed and fi nely balanced for exceptional working comfort and performance. Designed with total fl exibility and versatility in mind, Air Power handpieces perform optimally during any procedure.

Improved Durability
With a long-lasting premium turbine and patented Protective Head System (PHS) with a dual anti-retraction feature, Air Power handpieces will be dentists’ preferred instrument for years to come. The PHS feature ensures that the turbine and bur remain in place no matter how the handpiece is used. Damaging debris is unable to enter the turbine area, greatly increasing the life of the turbine and the handpiece.

Product Features
2 head sizes available
> Titanium-plated casing
> Smooth, easy-to-grip contours
> Optimum hygiene
> Optimum working speed
> Ergonomic design
> Quiet operation
> Premium quality turbines
> Outstanding versatility
> Click & Go function

Gearing E-Power L
Standard Head
E-Power LM
Mini Head
200 L/LM (200,000 rpm) 6225663-HPE 6225697-HPE
40 L/LM (40,000 rpm) 6225655-HPE 6225689-HPE
6 L/LM (6,000 rpm) 6225648-HPE 6225671-HPE
STL (40,000 rpm, straight) 6225705-HPE -
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Air Power Fixed Connection

Demo Case

PDF iconComplete Specifications

Demo Case

The Air Power Fixed Connection handpiece offers proven technology at a very competitive price. This handpiece incorporates all the knowhow and experience of one of the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturers. Robust and indestructible, the Air Power Fixed Connection is your passport to cost-effective dentistry.

What you’ve been waiting for!
A "non-illuminated" high-speed handpiece with guaranteed quality. With the chrome-plated, durable handpiece, Handpiece Experts now offers a highly competitive alternative for all dentists.

Maximum precision and easy handling ensure optimum preparation results.

Effective and Practical
Chrome-plated casing
> Ergonomic design
> Smooth, easy-to-grip countours
> Click & Go function for quick handpiece changeovers
> Easy-to-clean surface
> Top quality at an affordable price
> Durable steel bearings

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