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ISC Bearings

HPE is the leading distributor of NSK Micro Precision handpiece bearings.

NSK Micro Precision was founded in 1949 and is one of the largest and most prestigious bearing manufacturers in the world. As a global player with over 60 years of manufacturing and R&D experience, including the production of original manufacturer (OEM) bearings for NSK handpieces and most of the leading handpiece brands, NSK micro precision is the name you can trust for quality, reliability, durability and excellence.

Precise bearings are critical for the proper operation and functionality of dental handpieces. NSK Micro Precision's bearings are manufactured with high regulatory standards and available in stainless steel and ceramic materials.

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Stainless steel bearings are known to be durable and cost effective.

ISCCeramic bearings are known to be quieter and have a longer lifespan.

NSK Micro Precision's dental bearings come with a 9 month warranty and can
be used on the following model handpieces.

Steel Ceramic
Tradition PB/XGT X X
Tradition & Quiet Air PB X X
Flanged Bearing X X
Flanged OR Smooth Bearing X X
Flanged Bearing X
635B/642/645/647/649/659 X X
Regular OR 635B Bearing X X
Star 430 X X
Regular or Integral Bearing X X
W&H TA 96 Synea - 98 Synea 800 X
800 Series Bearing X

And remember that for 60 years, NSK Micro Precision has done more than just produce bearings. They have helped the world run smoother and more efficient dental handpieces.

Call us at 1-877-479-7787 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding bearings on dental handpieces.

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