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Turbine Sub-Assemblies

Swiss-made HPE Premium rotors are designed and produced to have extremely long lifetime, allowing for bearing-only rebuilds in most cases of turbine failure. Being able to re-use the rotor subassembly will save your customers money for handpiece repairs and can increase your profit margins for handpiece repairs.

What sets the HPE Premium rotors apart?

Concentricity over long lifetime: a separate super-hardened steel guiding bushing is used to maintain our low concentricity. Many after-market producers combine the chuck and guiding bushing into one piece, increasing bushing wear and bur concentricity over time

High retention force: The chucks maintain a high retention force (>30N, >7lbs) over its entire lifetime. A special production process is used to keep the chuck wall thickness constant over its profile, reducing the chance that retention force drops due to plastic deformation of the chuck

Balanced impeller: A finely balanced subassembly exerts much less stress on the bearings and chuck over lifetime, not to mention the fact that balanced turbines will create a lower noise level in dB. Manufacturer uses state of the art equipment and technology to reduce imbalance to 0.2 mgmm, resulting in smooth operation over a long lifetime

The question of stepped spindles versus smooth depends on the model type. We put in a step if the original has it.

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