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About Handpiece Experts

Handpiece Experts ensures quality certification as part of an integrated group of dental technology companies offering dentists a variety of products and services to solve any handpiece-related issue. The 165+ dealers in North America offer both mobile on-site and mail-in-services. Handpiece Experts repairs over 800 handpieces each day, making us the largest handpiece repair service in North America. All Handpiece Experts Dealers adhere to our certified quality practices.

Why we are different

Dental equipment problems

1. Buying a new handpiece from resellers or distributors who are focused primarily on selling high-cost replacement parts, not repairing your handpiece. They are not a dedicated handpiece expert.
2. Costly repair service from the distributor, which usually includes the handpiece being out of the office for several days or even several weeks.
3. Using other service technicians who do not operate under national quality guidelines for parts or service standards. As such, the quality of service or components can vary immensely from repair to repair.

Dental handpiece solutions

1. National quality guidelines for service - All our dealers specialize only in handpiece service, sales and repair. Some dealers can even offer in-office same-day service.
2. Cost-effective - Why pay for a replacement turbine that costs $300, when a same-day handpiece rebuild will cost $100? Our dealers save you money by servicing and repairing your handpiece instead of sending it away for repair.
3. Certified quality products and service We only provide high-quality certified components and service. Handpiece Experts Certified Dealers are also provided ongoing continuing education to constantly improve and evolve best practices.

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