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Since 1888, TRADITION, PRECISION and INNOVATION have been and continue to be the central motivating forces behind our success.
Thus, after 120 years of eventful company history, Hager & Meisinger GmbH is today still an independent family business and now in its fourth generation family owned managed. Lasting partnerships and a working relationship with our clients and employees based on trust are the company tradition.
The requests and demands of our clients and partners throughout the world have
always been at the heart of our business philosophy. In order not just to meet this as
far as possible to surpass them, we place the very highest demands on the quality and
precision of our products whereby we are always one step ahead of our time thanks
to our intensive research and development activities. The courage for new ideas and
their targeted transformation into innovative products are the driving forces behind our
dynamic growth.
With more than 120 years’ experience, highly qualified and motivated staff, as well as
state-of-the-art technical facilities, we produce proprietary brands in top “Made in
Germany” quality and to date have supplied over 2 billion products to clients throughout
the entire world.
In future we will make every effort to cultivate tried and tested traditions, to perfect still
more the precision of our products, and to gain further market shares with interesting

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