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E-Power Series

Electric Handpieces

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Demo Case

High Performance Electric Handpieces With Optics
The E-Power handpiece line offers high torque coupled with enhanced consistency in cutting speed. These German-designed handpieces offer constant, smooth, and effortless cutting thus saving time and effort. Designed to be user-friendly and task-specifi c, the E-Power electric handpiece line includes one straight and three contra-angle handpieces that address the majority of your daily dental needs.

Superior Lightweight Design
Each sleek and easy-to-grip solid titanium handpiece is totally ergonomic and fi nely balanced for optimal working comfort and performance. E-Power handpieces are light, compact, and durable. Their smooth lines and titanium construction set new standards in ergonomics, design, and hygiene. E-Power handpieces are compatible with all leading-brand ISO motors thanks to our ISO-standard INTRAmatic interface.

Improved Durablity
E-Power handpieces are designed to be completely sterilizable over repeated cycles, standing up to the demands of a busy dental practice while retaining power and performance. Most importantly, because the handpiece and motor are detachable, the motor is never exposed to the damaging effects of sterilization, keeping it in the best possible condition.

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